Video Player and Effects 

Project Type: EXPERIMENT and Settings walk through


   Project Goals

  • Trigger a video file

  • Have lights, effects, trigger/move with a video file playing in sync

  • Affordable and high quality sound

  • Led's or other light effects to be controlled in conjunction with the video

  • Document construction and share project with the community

The Sprite Video Effects player comes out of the box ready to go. Load up some video files to the SD or USB card and it will automatically loop if that's all that you need. With the IO breakout its easier then ever to trigger video files for your scenes. The Image Below shows how to properly trigger the video clips from a dry contact ( Mat Switch, Push Button, Relay, ETC...)

Sprite Output.png

Video and Audio Quality Test

Here's an example of a dry contact input trigger wired into the sprite unit, I Incorporated the audio project into this video to show an example of video / audio quality in one video. For a video filmed entirely on an Iphone 7 Plus id say it works pretty darn good. 


Video File Settings for triggered play.png

File Names

To make the video files play an ambiance/trigger(scare file). You'll need to name your video clips correctly. For my situation in the example video I wanted nothing playing. For the ambiance it had to be a black background and the eye ball video to be the triggered file. I took a black background photo and converted it to a .Mpeg format (The video player only plays video files don't upload a Image file and expect it to work!) Re-name the file to 000, 000 is your ambiance video. 001 is your scare the file that plays when a button is pressed.



Hit Setup on your remote



Control Mode

Scroll down to Control Mode select OK



Select Trigger Low with Interrupt



Scroll Down to Audio Output Mode and select A/V. This will output the audio in stereo to the A/V cable that was provided inside of the Sprite Video Player Box. Now connect everything up and test!


This Setup will allow you to trigger a video file to play at a precise moment.