Project Audio.png

Coming Soon- Incomplete/ Work in progress


  Project Goals

  • To create high quality audio that wont break the bank.
  • Something small and affordable under $50-$60 bucks.
  • Create a video over viewing sound quality and functionality.
  • Provide multiple options in amplifiers and speakers in parts section 

Parts List


Boss  50W Speakers


Sure Electronics Amp


3.5mm to RCA Adapter


12v 6amp Power Supply



This unit to be honest has sat on my parts shelf for a while I nearly forgot that I had it in my possession. Today is the day that I finally dusted this board off and started wiring the unit up. This is a simple setup focused as a companion to a controller like the OctoPill or something equivalent that can provide CD quality sound or "Hifi" if you're into that kinda thing. Pictured above are the two speakers tied into the Left and Right Speaker outputs. Note the positive and negative connections to the speakers we don't want to cause any black holes to another universe by wiring thing up incorecctly.