Setup Instructions

You'll have to take a few steps before running your first real-time show. Follow along below and become the neighborhood show stopper in no time.

If you purchased the kit start here.

You'll need a few things before getting started.

  • Arduino Nano (Link)

  • 4 to 8 Channel Relay Board 4ch (Link) 8ch (Link)

  • 5v 2amp USB Charger (Link)

  • Micro USB Cable (Link)

  • Serial MP3 Player (For High Quality Audio) (Link)

  • 1 Gb Micro SD Card ( To Store your High Quality Audio) (Link)

  • Motion Detector (Link)

  • Mat Switch (Link)

NOTE: All Links are suggested sources to find the necessary products; You can find them on other sites like for competitive pricing.


Download the Software

Head over to and download the latest software from the Octobanger Project page. (Also shoot them a couple bucks while you're at it) This is the freeware that allows you to create wonderful displays.

Firmware &


Upload the Firmware & change the settings to your specs. The next procedure is setting up the firmware and controller properties.

Get an Error When Plugging in Your Arduino?

If you are using a nano clone, you may encounter an error. The button below will allow you to directly download the proper drivers.

The Creator

The software was recently released by a wonderful asset to the haunt community  at  without their work this project wouldn't be in existence.  I reccomend anyone who's benefited from this open source project  to go donate to help support future projects!

Make Nightmares Come to life.