The Octo Basher

Work in progress


Project Goals

  • To extend the value of the OctoBanger Software
  • Create a plug and play circuit board & accessory that allows full control of keyboard keys, (toggle play & pause button etc.)
  • Update this page with progress video's & written updates.


OctoBanger + OctoPill + OctoBasher  = A whole lot of awesome packed into a little ECO System. I've been fiddling with the idea of an accessory that plugs into any PC and allows a user to fully control (Puppeteer) a RTP (Real Time Programming.)  



When I hit Key01 through Key08 on the OctoBasher Output 01 - 08 on the OctoPill's relay module will output turn on the outputs IN REAL TIME! No need to go back and forth to see if your timing is off. Just Bash some Keys until you have a really cool show recorded. 



OctoBanger Software 


FBv1 (1).png

With the OctoBanger Software from ButtonBanger It's now possible to do this plus its FREE! They do accept donations for all their hard work & I recommend shooting them a few bucks to help with future projects. They provide detailed instructions on how to create your own prop controller as well as other exciting DIY setups. They've provided a ton to the haunt community if you benifited and saved $$$ pay it forward!