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The Human Trigger

Project Goals

  • Trigger a low/high voltage application safely

  • Up to 6 people to complete circuit with a delay

  • Unlock a drawer, turn lights on/off up to two devices (Opto Isolated Relays)

  • Plug and play functionality

  • Create a custom PCB and provide an easy to understand tutorial

The Circuit - Parts Needed

It works with the Arduino UNO as well.


  1. Attach a wire to A0 on your Arduino going to a 1k resistor then out to a bare wire this will be the input side of the circuit. Note: Depending on your environment you may want to try a few resistor values.

  2. Connect a wire from A5 to the positive side of your led on the and the signal side of your relay board. On the negative side of the LED add a resistor this is your output side of the circuit.

  3. Now attach a wire to ground and leave the other side bare

  4. Remember to provide 5v power to your relay board from either an external power supply or the arduino.

A0 --------—-Resistor --------------- Trigger Sw A

GND --------------------------------  Trigger Sw B

A5 --------------------- + (Anode) LED ------ Relay Signal

- (Cathode) LED --—-Resistor------GND------- LED GND

5V ------------- Relay Positive +

GND ----------- Relay Negative -


Reference the image below for proper connections.

The Code

Simply copy and paste this code into the Arduino Environment and upload the code. Touch both ends of the wire if everything is wired correctly you should see the LED and the Relay turn on simultaneously. If your Human Circuit keeps triggering by itself you'll have to play with the Sensitivity on the first line of code (const short Sensitivity = 5;) I got mine stable at about 100. You can also play with the resistance value to stabilize false triggers.

// FMD Human Circuit Relay Trigger Board
// Open Source and availible to use in any project
// www.fatalmentality.com

const short Sensitivity = 5; // The lower the number the more sensitive. change this to prevent false triggers;

void setup() {
  pinMode(A0, INPUT); 
  pinMode(A5, OUTPUT); 
  digitalWrite(A5, HIGH);

void loop() {
  short value = analogRead(A0);
  digitalWrite(A5, (value > Sensitivity) ? HIGH : LOW);
  delay(1000); // increase or lower this number for Output on time 1000 = 1 second


This is the completed PCB All the outputs for the current code is broken out to screw terminals and header pins. The input is further to the left to prevent noise from the other components on the board. The system can be powered via USB or the 12VDC - 24VDC power jack. All other unused pins are broken out for tinkering/ code changes. The Prototypes are currently on order check back later for more information on this project. This PCB is being re-imagined and will be available in the Fatal Mentality Shop some time soon.


Video Player and Effects 

Project Type: EXPERIMENT and Settings walk through


   Project Goals

  • Trigger a video file

  • Have lights, effects, trigger/move with a video file playing in sync

  • Affordable and high quality sound

  • Led's or other light effects to be controlled in conjunction with the video

  • Document construction and share project with the community

The Sprite Video Effects player comes out of the box ready to go. Load up some video files to the SD or USB card and it will automatically loop if that's all that you need. With the IO breakout its easier then ever to trigger video files for your scenes. The Image Below shows how to properly trigger the video clips from a dry contact ( Mat Switch, Push Button, Relay, ETC...)

Sprite Output.png

Video and Audio Quality Test

Here's an example of a dry contact input trigger wired into the sprite unit, I Incorporated the audio project into this video to show an example of video / audio quality in one video. For a video filmed entirely on an Iphone 7 Plus id say it works pretty darn good. 


Video File Settings for triggered play.png

File Names

To make the video files play an ambiance/trigger(scare file). You'll need to name your video clips correctly. For my situation in the example video I wanted nothing playing. For the ambiance it had to be a black background and the eye ball video to be the triggered file. I took a black background photo and converted it to a .Mpeg format (The video player only plays video files don't upload a Image file and expect it to work!) Re-name the file to 000, 000 is your ambiance video. 001 is your scare the file that plays when a button is pressed.



Hit Setup on your remote



Control Mode

Scroll down to Control Mode select OK



Select Trigger Low with Interrupt



Scroll Down to Audio Output Mode and select A/V. This will output the audio in stereo to the A/V cable that was provided inside of the Sprite Video Player Box. Now connect everything up and test!


This Setup will allow you to trigger a video file to play at a precise moment.


mp3 player comparison

Results are completely biased. No animals were harmed during the testing process.

MP3 Audio Looper

Looking for an MP3 Player that loops high quality audio? You found it. Introducing the 100% assembled and tested Audio Looper. No coding, Soldering, Or over priced gear here. We don’t want to complicate things. We want to make it easier and more accessible everyone. The MP3 Looper is a small competitively priced MP3 module that’s so simple all you have to do is load MP3 files into the SD card and plug it in. Really it’s that easy. Get ready to output high quality effects, songs, or sounds to any powered stereo speaker system.

Practical Uses

  • Museum Exhibits

  • Atmospheric Audio

  • Escape Room Sound FX

  • Background Music

  • Looping audio playlist

  • Cosplay Audio FX

  • Whatever your creative mind creates!


  • Supported sampling rates (KHz): 8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48

  • 24-bit DAC output, support for dynamic range 90dB, SNR support 85dB

  • Fully supports FAT16, FAT32 file system, Maximum support 32G TF card, support 32G of U disk, 64m bytes NORFLASH

  • Audio data sorted by folder, supports up to 100 folders, every folder can hold up to 255 songs

  • Powered by a USB Mini B providing clean 5VDC

Package Contents

  1. One Assembled MP3 Looper

  2. One Mini B USB Power Cable

Not Included/ Needed to work

  • TF Micro SD Card

  • Powered Speakers

  • 5v usb power supply (Phone Charger)



Setup Instructions

You'll have to take a few steps before running your first real-time show. Follow along below and become the neighborhood show stopper in no time.

If you purchased the kit start here.

You'll need a few things before getting started.

  • Arduino Nano (Link)

  • 4 to 8 Channel Relay Board 4ch (Link) 8ch (Link)

  • 5v 2amp USB Charger (Link)

  • Micro USB Cable (Link)

  • Serial MP3 Player (For High Quality Audio) (Link)

  • 1 Gb Micro SD Card ( To Store your High Quality Audio) (Link)

  • Motion Detector (Link)

  • Mat Switch (Link)

NOTE: All Links are suggested sources to find the necessary products; You can find them on other sites like Ebay.com for competitive pricing.


Download the Software

Head over to ButtonBanger.com and download the latest software from the Octobanger Project page. (Also shoot them a couple bucks while you're at it) This is the freeware that allows you to create wonderful displays.

Firmware &


Upload the Firmware & change the settings to your specs. The next procedure is setting up the firmware and controller properties.

Get an Error When Plugging in Your Arduino?

If you are using a nano clone, you may encounter an error. The button below will allow you to directly download the proper drivers.

The Creator

The software was recently released by a wonderful asset to the haunt community  at  ButtonBanger.com  without their work this project wouldn't be in existence.  I reccomend anyone who's benefited from this open source project  to go donate to help support future projects!


Make Nightmares Come to life.



The Octo Basher

Work in progress


Project Goals

  • To extend the value of the OctoBanger Software

  • Create a plug and play circuit board & accessory that allows full control of keyboard keys, (toggle play & pause button etc.)



OctoBanger + OctoPill + OctoBasher  = A whole lot of awesome packed into a little ECO System. I've been fiddling with the idea of an accessory that plugs into any PC and allows a user to fully control (Puppeteer) a RTPE (Real Time Programming Environment. that works well enough to get the FM stamp of approval.

When I hit Key01 through Key08 on the OctoBasher Output 01 - 08 on the OctoPill's relay module will output turn on the outputs IN REAL TIME! No need to go back and forth to see if your timing is off. Just Bash some Keys until you have a really cool show recorded.  When I hit Key01 through Key08 on the OctoBasher Output 01 - 08 on the OctoPill's relay module will output turn on the outputs IN REAL TIME! No need to go back and forth to see if your timing is off. Just Bash some Keys until you have a really cool show recorded.

FM Definition

When I hit Key01 through Key08 on the OctoBasher. Output 01 - 08 on the OctoPill's relay module will turn on in real time. No need to go back and forth to see if your timing is off. Just Bash some Keys until you have a really cool show recorded and you’re done (until next year of course.)


OctoBanger Software 

From: ButtonBanger.com

FBv1 (1).png

With the OctoBanger Software from ButtonBanger It's now possible to do this plus its FREE. They do accept donations for all the hard work that goes into making such a program & I recommend shooting them a few bucks to help with future projects. They provide detailed instructions on how to create your own prop controller as well as other exciting DIY setups. They've provided a ton to the haunt community. If you benefited and saved $$$ pay it forward.


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